The new revolutionary AI for merchandising. 

Meet FORM + ShelfWise, the world's first fully-integrated task management and image recognition platform for smarter retail execution.


Say hello to full store visibility.

ShelfWise gives you access to more display types than any other merchandising AI so you can sell more, faster.




Off-Shelf Display


Coolers & Cold Boxes



There's proof and power in your pictures.

Powered by machine learning and computer vision, ShelfWise by FORM provides a real-time view of critical in-store measurements all from a single intuitive mobile platform.


Save time.

Audit accounts in half the time and visit even more stores using our intuitive AI for retail.


Improve execution.

Compare planogram compliance and execution in the cooler, on the menu, or on the shelf using in-app guides that pinpoint errors and direct corrective action.


Enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Make it easier for reps to gather insights and drive action with technology that detects out of stock SKUs, shelf share, compliance, and more.


Increase visibility.

See the whole store with more display types than any other technology on the market—and measure competitive pricing and shelf or menu share in an instant.


Boost sales and market share.

Get advanced insights to drive action and decisions at every level, with market and competitive intelligence for leaders, and real-time sales recommendations for reps to spot new opportunities in-store, at-shelf.


Improve data quality.

Trust the data you’re getting from the field with real-time reports submitted by your reps, and boost credibility by eliminating manual entry.

The only AI global brands trust to improve execution, everywhere.

  • Improve Planogram Compliance
  • Track Out-of-Stocks
  • Measure Shelf Share & Positioning
  • Track Competitor Pricing
  • Accurately Count SKU Listings
  • Measure Menu Share & Placement

Improve Planogram Compliance

No more manually cross-checking display execution against planograms—our algorithms automatically identify placement opportunities and report SKU-level data back to your device.

Track Out-of-Stocks

ShelfWise instantly spots out-of-stocks so you can save time during visits and automate out-of-stock reporting across locations.

Measure Shelf Share & Positioning

After snapping a picture of your set, ShelfWise breaks down your brand’s positioning and share of shelf—then aggregates those insights so you can spot opportunities and prevent competitive creep.

Track Competitor Pricing

Your days of manually inputting SKU-level pricing are over. Compile competitive intel in a snap with automatic pricing analysis at every account.

Accurately Count SKU Listings

Give your reps more time to dedicate to selling by automating SKU counts—no more manual spreadsheets or pen and paper—and rely on their results with live photos that can only be taken in real-time.

Measure Menu Share & Placement

It can read, too. ShelfWise identifies text on menus and automatically segments items by brand, category, supplier and more before delivering granular insights on percentage share.

How it Works

Image Capture

Reps can quickly capture photos of all products — from shelf and cold boxes to coolers and menu.

Product Analysis

After photos are submitted, tags are automatically applied and images are segmented by product, brand, category, SKU count, and more.

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On-Device Reporting

In near real-time, reps receive analytics and insights on their device, which can be used to ensure display compliance or identify issues as soon as they’re detected.

See it for your shelf.

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